BK Associates (NW) Ltd - Tenancy Application Form

In order to process your application please complete the application form below and supply copies of the items listed below (either by post - or take a photo with your mobile and email to us) :

1) The Application Fee £200.00p
2) Proof of your ID - Driving licence, Passport, utility bill, council tax bill (photocopies acceptable)
3) 3 months' bank statements
4) Reference from your current landlord if applicable
5) 3 months' pay slips if applicable
6) Reference from your employer if applicable
7) Completed guarantor's form if applicable
8) Proof of Housing Benefit entitlement if applicable

Tenancy Details

(please note: each applicant needs to complete a separate application form)

Personal Details

Current Landlord

Current Employment Details

Other Income

Do you receive any of the following: housing benefit / income support / unemployment benefit / sickness benefit / retirement pension / disability allowance?

Other Intended Occupiers (excluding joint applicants)

If it's your intention to have anyone other than yourself living in the property, please provide their full names, current addresses, ages (including children), and their relationship to you. PLEASE NOTE: do not give details of any joint applicants as they will be providing them in a separate application form):

Occupier 1 Name
Occupier 2 Name
Occupier 3 Name
Occupier 4 Name

Next of Kin (other than joint applicants / partners)

Other Details


I hereby confirm that I am over 18 years of age and that the information I have provided is to the best of my knowledge true and accurate at the time of completion. I hereby agree that the landlord named at the beginning of this application form may make whatever enquiries he/she deems necessary in connection with my application for this tenancy. I authorise my employer, bank / building society, personal referee / guarantor, to provide information about me, any prior tenant history, and any employment / financial affairs as appropriate to the landlord's enquiries. I acknowledge that my application may be refused if the landlord is unable to obtain satisfactory references. I accept that due to the confidential nature of this application, I will not be permitted access to the references or be given any explanation should my references prove unsatisfactory.

I will email or post the required documents listed above directly.

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